My 3 Year Rocky Relationship: Should I Leave or Stay?

I have been in a relationship (on and off)for over three years. It has been a stressful and rocky relationship. I have never loved any other man as much as I do him. My issues in which I leave him is first of all his online flirting with other women, which started early on. He… Read More »

How To Explain Unexplained Depression and Anxiety

Depression has often been linked to suicidal tendencies, and unless you watch out for someone suffering from depression and undue anxieties, you may soon be looking at tragedy in the eye. There is no debating the fact that some people are more prone to depression and undue anxieties than others, but it is something everyone… Read More »

The Latest Development in Drug Addiction and Recovery Studies

For those who aren’t aware, the concept of drug rehabilitation refers to the different kind of therapeutic treatments against the dependency on various substances collectively termed as psychoactive. Among the main compounds and substances that are associated with drug addiction behavior include alcohol, street and prescription drugs. The street drugs can be further divided into types including… Read More »

The Emotional Stress Of Not Having Insurance

During the recent and ongoing heath insurance debate in the USA, I could never understand how some in the richest country on the planet wanted to deny health insurance to millions of Americans. Obviously these people have never had to deal with the emotional stress involved when there is no health insurance and illness or… Read More »

Privacy Invasion and Texting Other Women

I need help! I lost the trust of my boyfriend because of the stupid thing I did. He is the father of my first born and the of our baby girl on the way. I broke into his phone the other night, but I been having my suspicions. He has or had a female friend… Read More »

Wife Left and Then Cheated

My wife left me because she said she was no longer happy and needs space. She said she still loves me and hopes we find our way back to each other. We have a 2 and a half year old son together so not seeing each other isn’t exactly an option. She hooked up with… Read More »

I’m Overweight, Insecure and Unhappy

I’ve been overweight ever since I was 5 years old or so. I went through bullying during my whole school experience, and also my mom would never stop trying to make me lose weight using all kind of workout programs and not letting me eat the fattening stuff (She never tried anything unhealthy), but nothing… Read More »

Stole From my Girlfriend Because of a Gambling Addiction

My girlfriend and I were together for 4 years we bought a house together and got engaged. 2 years ago I stole money from the house account and gambled it away, she gave me another chance and said if I do it again it’s over we sold the house a year later, then in November… Read More »

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