Avail this credit for plastic surgery.

The ideal of beauty of our time has totally changed. In the past, wrinkles were considered a living experience, but today many people are bothered by them. The nose has not grown straight, the breast is too small, the hips too wide. Young people in particular have created a beauty ideal for their stars and starlets that they want to emulate. Girls are in the majority, but young men also lie under the knife. These operations are not exactly cheap and most of the money is not high. A credit for plastic surgery is being considered.

The credit for plastic surgery – from the beauty clinic

The credit for plastic surgery - from the beauty clinic

Statutory health insurance companies do not pay a subsidy for this type of surgery. Unless it is a measure if the customer has had a serious accident and is disfigured or if he has become a victim of fire and needs new skin. If the reasons are medical, the health insurance will pay. But all other measures such as breast augmentation are not in the health insurance benefits catalog. Even if a patient has to deal with the most severe depression due to a deformed nose, for example, the health insurance will also pay. However, the depression must be proven.

There are several types of finance available for a plastic surgery loan. Most beauty clinics know the problem. Because it is not only the beautiful and the rich who want to undergo such a cosmetic surgery, people without a celebrity background also take advantage of a cosmetic surgery. Of course, the beauty clinics know about this problem and offer their patients a loan for plastic surgery.

Of course, the patient must have an excellent credit rating and earn accordingly. Cosmetic surgeons do not provide the credit for plastic surgery, but the clinic has its own financial service providers. If the patient’s income is not high enough, security can also increase the chances with this financing. Think of a property or a life insurance that can be lendable. However, a co-applicant or a guarantor also counts as credit protection.

However, the surgeon does not want to wait for his money forever. Therefore, these loans usually have a short term. As a result, monthly rates are not affordable for some patients. The cost of a cosmetic surgery has costs that can range from 5,000 to 10,000 USD and more. Sometimes the patient has to expect follow-up costs if the healing of the scars is delayed. The advantage of a plastic surgery loan is when the customer does not have to look for suitable loan offers.

Financing with protection

Financing with protection

The plastic surgery loan can also be taken out from the house bank or another branch bank. But many patients find it uncomfortable to have to tell the bank employee, for example, that he wants his breast to be enlarged. The conditions of local banks are as lucrative as the direct banks that can be found on the Internet. The form of the loan can appear as an installment loan that is not earmarked. Therefore, there is no need to state the reason why the loan is needed.

The requirements for a plastic surgery loan from the bank are the same as those for a beauty clinic. Income is put to the test, Credit Bureau is queried and permanent employment is checked. Those who cannot prove these conditions will not receive a plastic surgery credit unless they can provide collateral as described above.

If the patient is a woman and she would like to undergo cosmetic surgery, the partner could possibly sign the loan. He would then practically be a second borrower and would be treated as the debtor. This means that if the debtor can no longer pay, the second borrower must continue to pay the loan in this case. If it is a couple, it shouldn’t pose any problems.

It looks different if the loan is only made if a guarantor can be named. Banks usually require a joint and several guarantee, which also equates the guarantor with the debtor. However, the guarantee states that the guarantor has no benefit from the loan, but has a lot of obligations. If the patient stops paying, the guarantor must step in and pay immediately. That is why a guarantor must be solvent, the income must be appropriate, his Credit Bureau clean and a permanent job is also mandatory.

Should a guarantor know that he is liable with his own assets, should there be a credit default. The guarantee is also entered in the surety of the guarantor, which reduces its creditworthiness. The guarantee is also a risk that the guarantor should not underestimate.

The credit comparison

The credit comparison

Not so rarely, customers use their disposition to perform a cosmetic surgery. In most cases, a overdraft facility is provided that shows two to three monthly salaries. If a customer now earns 3,000 USD net, he could have a disposition of 9,000 USD. However, the overdraft facility is only intended for short-term use. It should be returned as soon as possible. If the customer can do this, the overdraft facility is a solution.

When financing through a bank, a credit comparison should be carried out beforehand. At first glance, the customer sees the best providers and their conditions. The loan application can also be made directly via the comparison. The customer should pay attention to the effective annual interest rate.

Not all displayed interest rates are relevant for all customers. Interest is calculated depending on the creditworthiness, ie if you have a good credit rating, you will also receive good interest. Before the customer orders a loan for plastic surgery, a free personal Credit Bureau query is not wrong.

So the customer sees whether there are entries in the Credit Bureau that have long since been completed. The deletion could then improve its credit rating.

The Credit Bureau free credit

The Credit Bureau free credit

If you have a bad credit rating with negative entries in the Credit Bureau, you should think twice about taking out a plastic surgery loan in the tight financial situation. There are Credit Bureau-free loans for this clientele, which are approved up to a maximum of 5,000 USD. With this form of credit, the income must show a attachable portion and permanent employment is absolutely necessary.

Loan for pensioners over 70 – pensioners can easily get a loan if they have not yet reached a certain maximum age

From a certain age, banks without collateral reject a loan application because the risk of death is then considered to be too high.

Credit possible from the age of 70?

Credit possible from the age of 70?

Pensioners no longer have to adhere to working hours and can enjoy everyday life. Of course, as with everyone else, here come some wishes that should be fulfilled. So that the pensioner stays mobile, he may want to buy a new car or go on a trip. So that this can also be financed, many think about a loan for pensioners over 70.

But it is not that easy to apply for this loan. Many banks set a maximum age of 65 to apply for a loan. This is because pensioners aged 70 and over are considered risky people and will not be given a loan without collateral. But if you have collateral that the bank accepts, you will be successful in applying.

What security is required?

What security is required?

In order for a loan to be granted to pensioners aged 70 and over, collateral must be provided. One possibility is to provide a guarantor. This can be your own child, grandchild or a friend. It is important that the guarantor has a fixed income and can prove an unlimited employment contract. If you cannot find a surety, you can also use your life insurance.

Practice has shown that many pensioners have had life insurance for decades. This has a high surrender value after a long time, so it can certainly be used as security. In the event of a loan default, the bank can use the insurance to receive the money. If you want to buy a car, you can suggest to the bank that the vehicle registration document remains in the bank’s possession until the loan has been repaid.

As a pensioner, it is only possible to get a loan for pensioners over 70 if there is collateral. In most cases it is not a problem to convince the bank to grant a loan. The higher the loan, the better collateral must be available. When it comes to a small loan of 500 USD, banks often forego collateral. The repayment time is very short here and the bank assumes that the money will be repaid within a few months.