This site was started as a way to help people overcome the hurdles that life tends to throw our way. Its a place where you can talk openly about your problems and receive the support and guidance needed to achieve the life you’ve always wanted. The road of life sure isn’t easy, but I believe with a little faith and support we can all gain life that is far from ordinary and mundane. This only comes by unlocking the destiny in us all.

As for me, I have been on this journey for 35 years now and life has brought it’s share of mountains and valleys. I guess I’ve always been a helper at heart and found that by helping others my difficulties seemed to be less consuming. I first trained to be a secondary teacher and worked in the field for 11 years. While teaching at a lower economic school I was surrounded by hurting kids, that expected more from me then just teaching. I had to be a parent, a friend, and a counselor at times which gave me the desire to go back to school at night and get a Masters Degree in School Guidance and Counseling.

I discovered that my favorite part of teaching was the relationships that I could build with my students and the difference I felt I was making in their lives.

As well as teaching, I became involved with a drug and alcohol treatment center for teens. A friend and I would go there every so often and do music for he kids. We would share inspirational songs and tell them about the hope we had found in Jesus. This further developed into me going there every Monday night to share truth with these struggling young adults.

I found this endeavor so rewarding that I decided to open my own transitional living program to help bridge the gap between treatment to back in society. My center opened in 2005 and continued until 2007.

Although my life was filled with rewarding things, it was beginning to take it’s toll on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was unable to recharge and didn’t feel like I was no longer being effective in my calling. I took a drastic step and decided to stop, sell everything and do some world travel.

My family thought I was crazy but I took off in the summer of 2007 and began to tour Thailand and then Australia. I had many adventures and it was just what my soul needed at the time. I finally ended up in New Zealand where I’ve decided to plant some roots for a while and see what God has for me here.

I guess the lessons I’ve learned here so far is to first trust God, second learn to let go of the security of what you know and venture out into the unknown because it’s there that a person truly discovers oneself and the path to take next.

I believe that part of my new path is to develop this website. I want to share all that I’ve learned from life and use it to guide others into a more authentic existence that’s in tune with The Creator and themselves.

Provisional Member of The New Zealand Association of Counselors

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  1. Shane T

    I am in south africa and went onto ur website… please cld u take the time to read this and give me a professional opinion…

    pls help… im from SA met a man Israel 20 mnts back… knows everythn about me and we became very close… sent gifts to each other… txd each other daily and called… spoke on the net least 4/5 times a week for hrs each time… he was there whenever i needed him and me 4 him… plans were 4 him to get here as he was in a christian school – he’s muslim and im a christian… more than year bck knew we wantd 2b tgether… i cnt go there cause of the lifestyle… he wantd 2b here… planned to not jst visit but stay… said we hd wht we needed 4 a relationship and jst needed the last percentage… the physical. family probs and commitments have kept him… 4 week bck my net ws off for mo thn a week… when i was bck on after tryin to talk his pc got a virus… all spirallad dwn from there… i started doubtin much… press him… then last week he said he thinks he will never get here as all seems 2b workin gainst him… i know i pressured a bit more thn i shld hve… he seemd stressd… 1st time since meetin… ysterd still txt and called but he sounded irritated wth me… today txd then called… at first convers ok and he said i mst stop emaginin thngs tht rnt… askd hm if he’d ever b online again i need to chat and miss him… said sure but not knowin when… he’ll catch me thre… said he’s got a lot of shit and pressure and no time 4 himself – said he’s decided to change his lifestyle leave the net… i asked him if he was tryin 2 avoid me… said its a simple question if he wantd no mo contact… said yes… my hrt ripped… cryin and i cut the call… called back knowin he’d put his phone off and left him a mess of my pain… i cnt believ we spent the time togeth jst to feel this… cld this b presure… cld he b feelin helpl and strikin out so horribl cause he cares or am i a fool… he’s highly strung and straightforwrd and stubborn as hell… what shld i thnk of this… i dnt want 2 hrt him… he’s 48 never married and no kids… im 49 divorced and 2 out of the house kds… he’s not had a holiday so to say all hs life… taken care of fam… not been loved and spoilt… been hurt b4… please if u can make anythin of this message of mine and give me advice i will be so happy

  2. admin

    Hey Shane, I would love to help you out but could you write your question not using text language and use the form to submit it? That would help me out heaps. Thanks 🙂

  3. Casey

    Hey there,

    I’ve tried to submit a question on the “Ask a Counselor” page several times and I keep getting an error message. Since there’s no general “contact us” link on the page (that I could find), I decided to just post here. Would you mind getting back to me with a way that I can ask a question?

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. admin

    Hi Casey, I ‘ve tested the form and it’s working for me. What browser are you using?

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