Credit for implants – how expensive the loan will ultimately be

Dentistry has made a significant leap in knowledge in recent years. If teeth were pulled years ago and a normal prosthesis was inserted, today there is treatment with implants. What is that actually a lot of customers wonder? The medical lexicon writes: An implant is an artificial material that is implanted in the body and remains there for a long time. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that looks like a dowel. An implant can be used as a replacement in the jaw where teeth are missing. The implant must be absorbed by the living tissue, i.e. the jawbone.

Not only is this treatment painful, it is also very expensive. Since the statutory health insurance company has had new service catalogs since 2005, in which dental implants are regarded as a purely private service, most patients have to take out a loan for dental implants. If there is an exceptional case, such as a tumor, the health insurance will cover the costs. However, regular care is provided, which, depending on the bonus, is subsidized with up to 65% of the costs. It is a fixed grant, but the own contribution is still very high.

The loan for implants – the prospects

The loan for implants - the prospects

If a patient was fitted with dentures that wiggled back and forth in the mouth a few years ago, this deficiency has been remedied with the dental implants. However, it has its price. A single implant can cost 1,850 – 2,900 euros depending on the material. If an anterior tooth is placed as an implant, you pay between 2,000 and 3,400 euros. If the patient receives several implants, they can expect a price equivalent to a small car.

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Because dental implants cause high costs for the patient and the health insurance companies only give a small grant, many customers have to take out a loan for implants.
Usually, a loan is not a big deal. If the credit rating is correct, banks can grant loans for implants without any problems. Proper creditworthiness includes a sufficiently high income, a clean Credit Bureau, and permanent employment is also an advantage.

Before taking out a bank loan, the patient should review the dentist’s suggestion. Many dentists leave their patients with expensive treatments to pay for the treatment with a loan. However, since the term of these dentist loans is short, patients have to pay high installments monthly. However, since not everyone can do this, the credit remains with the bank for most patients.

As mentioned before, the credit rating has to be right. The employment relationship is assumed and must not be terminated or limited. In order to get a cheap loan for implants, the customer should do a credit comparison. Based on the list shown to the customer, he can choose a cheap provider. However, he should not only pay attention to the interest rate, but also to any special repayments.

The APR is relevant for the interest rate. This shows the customer how expensive the loan will ultimately be. Many providers have an interest rate level on their portal pages that cannot be realized by the customer. Since interest rates are calculated depending on the creditworthiness, only the customer who has a good credit rating receives the low interest rate. The customer experiences his interest rate in his personal offer. The annual interest rate is 3-9% on average.

The loan for implants – the banks

The loan for implants - the banks

The customer can submit his loan application using the credit comparison. After he has entered some personal data in the form provided, he can send this to the bank. This will issue a preliminary loan approval. The final will only take place after the bank has checked the creditworthiness documents. The documents consist of proof of salary, bank statements and a copy of the employment contract. The customer must send the documents by post and send them back to the bank together with the signed loan agreement. The whole procedure takes about 6-7 working days.

If you have a restricted credit rating, for example due to negative entries in the Credit Bureau or if there are other liabilities outstanding, then a loan from abroad could be the solution. The credit process is the same as with a normal online loan. Only the Credit Bureau-free loans are mostly advertised by credit intermediaries. The motto here should be that the credit broker works seriously. Initial costs or prepayment are not serious and should be rejected.

Customers looking for a loan for implants should exercise caution here. If, for example, a loan is offered for implants without supposedly a credit check or no income being required, the customer should refrain from doing so. If a customer’s credit rating has suffered, he can assume that even a reputable credit house will charge higher interest rates.

But there are also banks that still grant credit to people with a negative entry in Credit Bureau. Just like the unemployed or self-employed, who are generally rejected by conservative banks, can hope for a loan on the Internet. However, this will take time because the terms and conditions should be checked carefully.

That’s how many loan offers you get


Before the loan for implants is started, the customer should get a quote from their dentist. This way he knows what amount to expect and can deduct the share from the statutory health insurance companies. Some of the large dental practices also offer the loan for implants without interest. Anyone who decides on a loan from the dentist should know that this is to be paid in high installments, and there is no possibility of comparison.

If the customer can agree with the dentist’s bank that the rates will not be set as high, he must expect that an interest will be added to a previously interest-free offer.

Ultimately, the question is, do I really need to have the expensive implants made? The essential cheaper dentures don’t. But since not everyone is the same, the jaw conditions are also different. If a normal prosthesis does not fit, be it that the denture does not find a hold in the jaw or there is ongoing inflammation, there is actually no great way of comparison.

The loan for implants is inevitable. If you then invest such high costs, you should at least make sure that you get a cheap loan for implants. He can find out if he compares several loan offers.

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