Ask: My Mean Boss is Making Me Depressed

By | June 23, 2010

I work in a hostile and pressured environment. I am told by my supervisor that I have to sit up. I am tired of the organization because I put in all my effort but I am not still competent. I am starting to think that maybe I am incompetent.

I am just tired. Is it time to move on to somewhere else or what do i do next I am confused. I can’t resign because I have a mortgage to pay. I am totally mortified.


Dear Tolam,

Thanks for writing in with your problem. It sounds like your job has been very stressful and it’s getting the better of you. I don’t know a lot about your situation but it sounds like there may be some harassment going on by the management.

There are laws that prevent the unfair treatment of workers and you do not have to put up with such treatment. Are you part of a workers union? If not, research for local employee advocacy groups. Either your union or the advocacy group can give you legal guidelines to follow in order to make things better.

In the meantime try to detach yourself from the situation. Go to work, do your job, and don’t dwell on the negativity. After work engage in some activities that will relieve stress. Focus more on your life outside of work and enjoy the people you love. You also can start looking for a new job during this time, but I’m sure that’s not easy given the economic climate.

In any event, don’t put up with the unfair treatment and be educated concerning your rights. I pray things start getting better for you real soon.

Kind regards,


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