I Have an Overbearing and Dysfunctional Family

I need help to deal with overbearing family. I’ve been trying to be independent and have a mind of my own. Now that I’m older, I’m starting to distrust my parents. They make me feel inadequate and not good enough. This is probably the main reason why I have 0 self-confidence. They always try to… Read More »

Healing From a Destructive Relationship

I have been divorced since January 12th 2012. He and I got married on March 16th 2006. I was 18 when we got married. He was 20. We have a 4 year old son. Who is my world. We started having problems when he started watching porn. It later advanced to him wanting to watch… Read More »

My Husband Cheated On Me With My Own Daughter

I am desperate for peace in my heart and mind. I am asking for prayer and any advice due to being betrayed by my husband and daughter. My husband of 10 years not only cheated on me with another woman, but also with my 19 yr. old daughter from a previous marriage. My daughter and… Read More »

I’ve Gotten Pregnant Before My Wedding

I’m a month pregnant. Even though I had intended having my wedding later this year, I just found out I was a month pregnant. The issue is how do I face my religious family about this situation and any advice which you can render will be appreciated. Please this is very urgent as I would… Read More »

I Regret Reporting Sexual Abuse

This past weekend, I was sexually abused(not raped) by my grandpa while he was extremely drunk. It was really horrible for me because when I looked at him, I just kept remembering it and the sad part is his heavy drinking gave him alcohol-induced amnesia, so he remembers none of it. My grandpa has been… Read More »

Should I Testify to Sexual Assault?

Recently, I was in class, and a cop came by wanting to talk to me about a past sexual assault. This happened in June 2011. And they found my name in a previous sexual assault file having to do with the same guy. The cop was talking to my parents and the cop and my… Read More »

My Fiance is Lying, Should I be Worried?

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost a year now. We live together and we are engaged. Here is the problem. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so I already stress about stuff all the time. I recently found out that my girlfriend has been talking to a guy she used to sleep… Read More »

I Don’t Feel Anything Towards my Boyfriend

I’ve had bouts of depression for the last two months, but recently the only thing that makes me down is the fact that I have no feeling toward my boyfriend. However, this feeling only came on from the depression. Everything else has slipped back into place for me. I’m happy during the day, when I’m… Read More »

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