Privacy Invasion and Texting Other Women

By | May 28, 2012

textingI need help! I lost the trust of my boyfriend because of the stupid thing I did. He is the father of my first born and the of our baby girl on the way.

I broke into his phone the other night, but I been having my suspicions. He has or had a female friend that always had feelings for him and that bothered me a lot.

She would always send him text messages saying that she loves him and stuff like that and I would always confront him about it, but he would always say that it was nothing she’s crazy.

The other night I grabbed his phone while he was asleep (I know that I was wrong for doing this) and I went through it, just looking, I didn’t know if I was going to find anything or not. As I was going thru it she texted him saying she loves him and have a goodnight.

I don’t know why I did this and I knew the consequence would be bad, but I texted her back pretending to be him. To my surprise she told Him (me) things like why does she (me) lives with you, etc… Mind you we live together and have been for months now. He never told her and I don’t know why, but I guess because he was using her the whole time to get money (He claims to have never cheated on me).

Anyway, this girl and I have never gotten along and she has always be a problem and the reason for our arguments. I’m not sure if I did this because I’m pregnant and I felt insecure because he talked to her on the phone more than he talked to me. I see where he’s coming from, the reason why he can’t trust me.

But he needs to understand where I’m coming from as well, but he always points the finger at me saying it’s my fault! I tried talking to him but his mind is made up and I know that I messed up big!

He told this woman the truth and she was upset about the whole thing and we argued because of that. I don’t know what to do? Or what to say? We live together and are expecting our little girl any day.

He told me I didn’t have to move out but we no longer can sleep in the same bed. Please oh please help me!


Dear Yesenia,

I will agree that you invaded his privacy and that was the wrong thing to do.

However, The bigger issue here seems to be why your boyfriend is continuing to chat with a girl who has made it obvious that she wants him.

And… He’s making you feel so guilty, when he should be the one apologizing for egging another girl on for whatever reason.

He is being disrespectful to you by having this “other relationship” behind your back. It is a form of cheating although it may not have been sexual.

Stand up for yourself and don’t allow this guy or any other to walk all over you because that’s what he’s indeed doing.

You’ve apologized, now he needs to accept responsibility for his actions and apologize to you.

Kindest regards,


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