My 3 Year Rocky Relationship: Should I Leave or Stay?

By | October 24, 2013

women-runningI have been in a relationship (on and off)for over three years. It has been a stressful and rocky relationship. I have never loved any other man as much as I do him.

My issues in which I leave him is first of all his online flirting with other women, which started early on. He either does not close out his email acct. on his computer and I find him sending messages of trying to get women to live with him/spend time with him or I lean over to kiss him and see very flirtatious conversations.

He was on my phone plan at one time and I learned how to see his emails and he was cheating on me. Last summer when we reunited after breakup, I found pink panties stained with number 2 in his closet. He still denies anything to do with them. Recently we relocated to a town we previously lived in, close to the woman he cheated on me with that I found out about when he was on my phone plan. I opened his laptop to look for local job and AGAIN he was messaging her even a couple of weeks before he informed me we were moving to have dinner date!

He indicates that he wants me in his life. But he is very moody, smokes marijuana heavily and constantly and after a few weeks of us getting back together he acts like I’m a disposable person. I was so hurt again by finding that last email, I arranged to move back to a state where my daughters live, close to 2000 miles away, the state I left to be with him. My life has been in ruins since we’ve been together. I had a slight breakdown Christmas before last and eventually lost fairly good steady job. I cannot seem to hold job since. I also lost all my furniture, mine and my daughters memorabilia in storage that I had in the state that I moved from due to non-payment.

I take responsibility mostly for that but that is one of the many things he assured me we would get soon after moving here. He says it’s because I keep leaving him. Now I have this move back south lined up and he wants me back. I seriously addressed the cheating issue with him and he said “he hasn’t been truthful with himself ” whatever that means?? Now I am not wanting to leave him but My family is way more than sick of this back and forth, they will surely be hurt and write me off. HELP!!!!

Dear Jill,

Leave, run, and never look back! This man is a loser and he is destroying you!

Trust me, he will not change and things will not be better. He will eventually suck every bit of life out of you until you are a shell of yourself instead of the awesome woman you know you are. or can be.

Start respecting yourself enough to want better than this because you deserve it. When you do leave, destroy any connection with this man. Be sure he doesn’t have your phone numbers, email, facebook etc. Cut all ties and move on with your life and don’t waste another second with this guy.

We only get one shot at this life and you deserve to be in a relationship where you are loved, respected, and cherished. Settle for nothing less.

Again, keep your eyes on the path ahead and don’t second guess yourself. You know you are doing the right thing by moving as far away from this guy as you can get.

Kindest regards,



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