Stole From my Girlfriend Because of a Gambling Addiction

By | April 12, 2012

stole-gambling-addictionMy girlfriend and I were together for 4 years we bought a house together and got engaged.

2 years ago I stole money from the house account and gambled it away, she gave me another chance and said if I do it again it’s over we sold the house a year later, then in November I stole from her again and she said it was over and told me to move out.

She would constantly txt and call me asking why I would do this to her and I have stuffed her life and future up and wanted answers, I couldn’t give them, she kept asking if I have gotten help for my gambling problem and I said I didn’t need help, she asked twice if we could meet up to talk and both times I couldn’t be serious so she walked off. Now 5 months later I’ve realised what I’ve done and said sorry and asked her to forgive me and she says it’s too late and it’s over.

I’ve tried everything sending her flowers writing letters telling her I’m seeing a counsellor for my problem, but she has asked me not to contact her again and move on, I tried not to contact her but I can’t, I asked her to meet to talk but she said no and didn’t turn up.

She once again said its over and stop trying to contact her. Is there anything I can do to get her to talk to me and gain get trust back do we can be together again?


Dear Sean,

That sounds like a tough situation. I think the important thing is to get help for the gambling addiction. This has to be done for you and NOT for someone else.

If you are changing for someone else then the change probably won’t last. I would advise that you just focus on recovering from this addiction and not on winning this girl back.

Respect her wishes and get your own life sorted. Perhaps in the future life will bring her back into your life, but for now, I think the best thing to do is to work on becoming the best man you can be for whoever chooses to love you in the future.

Kind regards,


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