The Emotional Stress Of Not Having Insurance

By | January 9, 2013

insurance-emotional-stressDuring the recent and ongoing heath insurance debate in the USA, I could never understand how some in the richest country on the planet wanted to deny health insurance to millions of Americans.

Obviously these people have never had to deal with the emotional stress involved when there is no health insurance and illness or injury arises.

One serious injury or illness can ruin a family for the rest of its existence. Truly sad and unnecessary. And, shame on the businesses that deny coverage to their employees in order to not raise the cost of their products 10-20 cents!

What is further troubling is that most of the people who oppose Obama-care call themselves Christians. I’m pretty sure Jesus was all about helping those less fortunate and HEALING the sick.

Steps For Dealing With Health Insurance Stress

If you lack individual medical insurance there are a few steps to take so that you can ease the stress of not having coverage.

  1. Talk to an expert who knows the ins and outs of The Affordable Care Act. Chances are, you are now covered or soon will be covered in this new system.
  2. Shop around online. Chances are, you can find affordable plans until the new laws come into full effect next year.
  3. Start an insurance savings plan. This is tax deductible and can help with large deductibles.
  4. Prevention! Eat right and exercise. The best stress reliever is to not get sick. Eating right and exercising lowers your chances of disease risk.
  5. Contact local charities who help individuals pay their medical bills or get medical care.

Not having health insurance is a serious issue facing many in the USA and hopefully this problem will soon be a thing of the past. In the meantime, hang in there and do your best to find solutions to not having medical insurance.

Since almost every other 1st world nation has universal health care, so should we.

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