The Shack: A Review

By | August 14, 2009

the-shackIt has been quite some time since a book touched and spoke to me the way The Shack has.

The Shack was written by WM. Paul Young and it is a fictional work, but contains truths that will change the way you view God and others.

In this story a middle aged man “Mack” is trying to come to grips with the abduction and murder of his youngest daughter during a family camping trip. Three years after the tragic event, Mack gets a strange letter in his mailbox asking him the come back to “the shack”  deep in the Oregon wilderness, which was the place of the murder.

Have you struggled with the question, “why do bad things happen to good people?”, ” how can a loving God allow bad things to happen to innocent children?’ or “how can a loving God condemn so many to eternity in hell?” If so, The Shack is a must read for you.

As I did, you will finish this book feeling loved by The Creator of the Universe and wanting to share that love with others. Also, I believe that by reading this book you will never think of God the same again as you let go of traditional theology that is based on tradition and not a clear understanding of scripture or who Jesus Christ really was and what exactly He came to do on this planet.

There is something truly special about this book and the way that it is changing lives all over the world. You can read people’s personal stories of how this book has helped them at I hope this book will strengthen your spirit as much as it has mine.

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