Guangzhou Development

Guangzhou development group co., LTD. (the securities referred to as "GDG", stock code: 600098) released on June 27, 1997, 100 million shares of the social public offerings, established on July 11, 1997, and in the same year on July 18 listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. At the end of December 31, 2014, the company's total share capital of 2,726,196,558 shares, including guangzhou development group co., LTD., as the controlling shareholder, holding 1,420,289,792 shares, tradable shares limited conditions of sale shares, 288,822,071  shares, accounted for 62.69% of the total equity, China Yangtze power co., LTD. As a strategic investor, holding 320.24 million shares, tradable shares accounted for 11.75% of total equity.

     Since listing, the company around the building faces the development strategy of the pearl river delta large comprehensive energy suppliers, implement "notice carefully, the pursuit of excellence, harmonious  development" of the enterprise core values, adhere to the combination of industrial operation and capital operation management policy, make full use of the capital market, standardize operations, prudent management and sustainable development, set up with electric power, fuel, natural gas as the core of integrated energy business. In domestic enterprises take the lead in establishing a safe, healthy and environmental management system and investing in social affairs management system, to improve enterprise in the aspect of safety, health, environmental protection and social responsibility of management level. Establish a strategic cooperative relationship with the leaders in various fields such as BP, guodian group, huadian group, Yangtze power, yudean group, with the coal group, the IFC,etc.

      Listed in 16 years, GDG has  established a good image in China's capital market as high quality and blue-chip,achieved a good returns to shareholders, widely recognized by capital market.The Company is list in the index of  the leading enterprises in the pan-pearl river delta of Shanghai shares,the index of leading enterprises in the pan-pearl river delta of China shares,and a menber of Hang Seng Corperate Sustainability Index Series.The company also is listed as one of the guangdong province 50 industry leading enterprise group, is the main support of large-scale enterprise group of guangdong province and guangzhou city. Development in the future, guangzhou will be fully integrated energy business, earnestly implement corporate social responsibility, efforts to create regional energy industry flagship, toward the road of sustainable development.

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